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Want to know how to make all your selling and your enrollment more efficient, more fun, more productive, more effective?

Look for "No". Eliminate opportunities. Get rid of deadwood.

See, in everybody's life there are too many things that we've grown accustomed to, that we've resigned to - things that we consider to be something that itโ€™s not, just because of a story we tell ourselves.

And this includes people, conversations, and:

It includes the opportunities that you think you have in your pipeline or in your CRM.

Fact is, a lot of the people in your CRM just won't convert.

Maybe it's not the right time, or they don't have the budget.

Or maybe they're not the right fit for you, or you for them.

Or you don't solve exactly the problem that they need solvingโ€ฆ

There's all kinds of reasons why someone just wonโ€™t be your client.

But you keep all these names in your database, and you keep looking at them, and you keep trying to connect with them and engage with them and following up...

Because hey: Opportunity, right?


If you tell yourself itโ€™s an opportunity despite your instinct or your common sense telling you that really, nothing will move forward with them, youโ€™re just wasting time and energy trying to get those people to work with you and buy from you.

So what you want to do, is have a close look and identify the disqualifiers.

You know, those aspects and elements a lead has, that tell you that "No, this is not the right fit".

Get rid of all those names, deals and opportunities.

Focus on the remainder - the set of prospects whom you do have a chance with.

Never let yourself believe that something is an opportunity, when you actually know that it isn't.

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