📄 Why you must publish your IP in all its forms

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Saw a tweet a while back, from a developer saying he feels like a fraud each time he opens up the far more advanced websites of his competitors.

Before anything: if you ever get that feeling, know that it’s a good sign: If you were a fraud, you probably wouldn’t feel that way.

But on a deeper level, feeling like a fraud means you’re missing an important point.

Meaning: You have a unique history, skillset, and a vast amount of experience.

You also have your own way of delivering solutions and messaging, and you have a unique style and personality and approach as well, not to mention your own personal mission and reasons why for doing what you do. 

In a sentence: There’s only one you.

And the combination of all of the above, that’s your intellectual property. Uniquely yours.

And there will be people - guaranteed - who would much rather buy your methodology or service or product than anybody else's...

If only you’d put your IP out there, for people to find, appreciate, and like.

If you don't, how will people know that they prefer you over someone else?

If all they have to go by are your ads, your brochures, your formal-and-professional website, and the features and benefits you promise...

How will your perfect buyers know that you are perfect for them?

They can only ever get to that insight and decision if you communicate your IP with them, so whatever it is that you sell:

Publish your IP.

Whether you write a book or a blog, or record videos, or get on stages or podcasts:

Talk about your process, your methodology, your team, your frameworks... give people a look in the kitchen, show them how you build results for clients, why you do it, and why you care.

It’s a terrifically effective way to advertise your unique version of you, and to enable your perfect buyer to raise their hand and say: “Over here. Help please”.

Always remember: Every business is a publishing business...

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