📄 Why more leads won't fix a bad conversion rate

Imagine you're growing potatoes, but somehow, it just ain't working, they keep rotting in the ground long before you can harvest.

In such a case, only a fool would try to remedy the problem by simply planting more potatoes.

But that's exactly what you're doing, if you try to solve the problem of 'not enough buyers' by bringing in more leads.

If your conversion rate today is too low, it'll still be too low tomorrow if all you're doing is generating more leads.

With the difference being that now, you're on even more calls that don't go anywhere.

Lead generation agencies know this, they prey on the gullible, and they sell the promise of 'endless qualified leads booked into your calendar!'.

But don't be fooled.

If your sales process isn't working, 'more leads' is probably not the solution.

After all, 'more' is rarely the solution to 'too much'. If the problem is 'not enough conversions', lead volume isn't where you solve the problem.

Instead, smart entrepreneurs solve their conversion rate problem by getting better at understanding their buyers. Becoming more discerning about who to engage with, and who to ignore. And by filtering out duds and developing more insight and understanding on your buyers, your communication will improve.

The result?

A more efficient sales process, a higher conversion rate, and more buyers.

How to get there?

Start with the fundamentals of buyer psychology, outlined in this handy little 1-page PDF checklist.

Fair warning: it's ultra-condensed and heady - just scanning through the document won't help much. But if you take the time to think, and answer the questions it asks, you'll very likely see fast improvement in your sales process.

Get it here.

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