๐Ÿ“„ Who do you need to become? (THE most powerful New Year's resolution)

SalesFlowCoach app Who do you need to become new years resolution identity MartinStellar Once upon a time, a young man set out to find himself a spiritual master. He'd read about all the great teachers of the past, and for years he travelled the earth, in search of the perfect master to devote his life to. But every master he met had something wrong with him. This one had several wives, that one smoked tobacco, the other owned a business, the next one broke vows, that other one was unfaithful to his wife... So he walked the earth, searching, visiting temples, shrines, mosques and churches, all in vain. Until one day, he met the one. The real, true, perfect master. This was it. He bowed before the man and said: "I've spent years in search of the perfect master. I am here to serve you". The master shrugged, and said: "You're right, I am the perfect master. But as a perfect master, I can only accept perfect devotees." With that, the audience was over. And so it goes in business as well. You see, there's a million different ways to achieve your goals. From straight-up discipline, to modifying your habits, to landing investor money or hiring a team or starting a podcast and a Youtube channel: set your goal, choose a strategy, get cracking. Doesn't matter how you go about it, because all roads lead to Rome. But if you're not the right - for not saying perfect - candidate for making the goals a reality, you likely won't. That's why the single most powerful way for achieving your goal, is to ask yourself an identity-question. Namely: Who will you need to be, in order to achieve that goal? Choose an identity, and make it your New Year's resolution to become that person, and see what happens to your 2024. See no matter what choices you make about actions, or how many ducks you line up in a row, nothing will work the way you want it to, unless you yourself evolve to be the operator capable of making it all work. Put differently: It's often said that 'what got you here won't get you there', but more specifically that means: It's not very likely that your success will exceed your level of personal development. You don't get to have a million-dollar business if you don't have a million-dollar mindset (And no, you thinking that the universe will throw a million bucks at you just because you told it to and you believe in the Law of Attraction does not constitute a mindset. At least not one that will get you $1 million, because it does not include you taking persistent and diligent strategic growth-driving action. But I digress). You donโ€™t get a high-performing team without becoming an eminent leader of people, who is able to motivate, guide and coach them, to be their best selves - you donโ€™t get to have people be their best selves, if you are not your best self. You don't get to have a business full of terrific clients, if you don't become the kind of person who's bold enough to say no the wrong people, and you don't get And, to tie all this back to selling, my favourite topic: You don't get to land more clients, faster, at better rates, if you don't become the kind of person who's able to confidently have a pleasant, effective sales conversation, of the kind that the buyer loves and buys from. So long as selling is awkward for you, and something you avoid, or treat like an afterthought or a necessary eveil, you'll always be spending time and money generating deals and opportunities that don't turn into sales and money. But once you become the kind of person who can confidently state large numbers to a buyer, or who has no problem asking for a sale, or who can negotiate a deal without a big-name buyer haggling you down... That's when selling doesn't just go from being a drag to something acceptable: it becomes something you do as a matter of course, with precision and quality conversations, and maybe even joy. My business partner Mairi Mickel had that happen to her as well. Used to be the sales part was a struggle, but after 10 weeks of 1 on 1 training in my Sales for Nice People framework, it all clicked into place, and selling became something natural that she's now quite good at. We even got her fully booked and with a waitlist. Just because she became the kind of person who is able to handle a pipeline and run a sales process with a buyer. And that kind of transformation can be yours as well, if you want. That Sales for Nice People training is going live again in January, and this time in a group format, with an online community alongside. And, it gets you 12 months of my personal support, for any help you need with your sales. It's all part of the SFC Academy, so have a look at the details, and ask yourself: Is it worth $1500, to become the kind of seller who is able to enroll buyers in 4, 5, or 6-figure sales, with far less struggle, and without the constant frustration that we're all so familiar with? Does your 2024 want you to become a skilled, confident, capable seller of your services? Then click here, check out the details, and send me an email to schedule a call to see if the programme is right for you.

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