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While settling into the new year, clearing things up and creating space in my calendar, I've been quietly working on a few ideas that I believe might prove very useful for you.

One of them being a scorecard - a simple 10-question assessment tool - to help you identify which areas of your pipeline work are in need of improvement.

It centers on one of my favourite topics: habits.

Because no matter what effort, endeavour or activity: the better your habits are built for getting your desired outcome, the more likely you'll get the outcome, and the easier it will be.

Habits are everything, and in a sense, everything is a habit.

When you look at your way of operating as a set of habits, you can easily figure out which habits aren't helpful, and replace or change them.

So, I created the SalesFlow Coach Pipeline Habit Scorecard, for you to assess your own habits.

But here's my quandary:

Everybody wants to drive their deals forward.

But does everybody want to assess and improve their habits?

I don't think so.

Which leaves me with a question, and that's where I'd like your opinion.

If I'm to use the scorecard as a lead magnet, should I present it as 'a way to improve your pipeline habits' or instead as 'a way to drive your deals forward'?

In other words, should this be called:

1: Pipeline Habit Scorecard


2: Pipeline Driver Scorecard


I'd love for you to download and check it out, and send me a reply with either "Habit" or "Driver."



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