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On any given day, what's going on at work - what are you working on, what matters most?

It's very easy to prioritise things you do well and that matter, but:

What about the things that you and only you can do? How much priority do those get?

Because most people spend way too much time doing things that someone else could do, and probably should do.

But, it's often hard to figure out what exactly you should, and shouldn't, spend your time on.

This is why a chap named Gay Hendrix explained in The Big Leap how to use a concept he calls the Zone of Genius.

Tl;dr: Basically, you have 4 areas of skill:

From incompetence, to competence, to excellence and then Genius. (Follow this link for a sligthly more in-depth explanation.)

And that last one, the Zone of Genius, that's where you do the work that absolutely nobody could possibly do in your stead.

And, that's usually the kind of work that makes the most meaningful and valuable difference to your business growth.

So the more time you spend in your Zone of Genius, the more effective you'll be with your time and your action.

Now, I hope you've started listing your activities in the ranker spreadsheet I shared yesterday (if you haven't: go ahead, you'll find it fun and useful to start mapping out where your time actually goes), so today, as you keep adding actions, start ranking them in column B.

Ask yourself:

"This thing that I do on a daily basis, how skilled am I at it? Is it in my zone of Genius, or in one of the lower zones like excellence, competence, or (god forbid) Incompetence?"

Here's that sheet, for you to make a copy and start listing and ranking your own actitvities - just copy the contents of cell C3 over to your own copy.

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