👨‍🎓 What to do when all your deals are crappy

First things first:

Be aware that a crappy deals are the result of not having, or using, strict client filters.

After all, the fact that someone has money does not mean they're a good fit.

So going forward, be discerning, and be quick to disqualify a deal if your gut or your senses say a deal isn't perfect or ideal.

The worst thing you can do is reason against a gut feeling, or be in love with some aspect of a deal, while ignoring the rational signs that this is the wrong deal to pursue.

And the result of bad deals in your pipeline can be devastating:

Instead of jumping into your pipeline and engaging people in dialogue, you take a look at three or four opportunities, get disheartened, and the next thing you know, you're spending a day on TikTok.

So what you want to do instead, is cull. Clean up. Get rid of the deadwood.

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