📄 What to Do If You're Uncomfortable With the Money Conversation

The money conversation is usually the part of the sales process where people feel most conflicted and uncomfortable.

The good news is, if that’s the case for you, there’s a fairly simple solution - provided you can bring some self-awareness to the table.

Here’s the deal:

If you feel awkward when it comes time to talk about your rates and fees, even though you know your work is worth it, it’s very likely because you’re making it about yourself.

If you have thoughts like:

"I can do this in my sleep, how could I charge this much for it?!"

“They’ll find out I’m actually an impostor” or:

"I should be charging much more, but it would make me feel guilty"

Or indeed, anything else that’s the result of self-consciousness, then you know:

You’re making it about yourself.

And the beauty of selling is:

It’s never about you.

Not your accolades, your impressive client roster, your proprietary process or your decades of experience or your prices.

And it's not about how much time something takes you, or how much you enjoy doing the work, or even about how good you are at it or how easy it is for you.

Selling is only about the other person, their goals, their decision, and their outcome.

Selling is about what the buyer gets.

So if you have the self-awareness to accept that you’re being self-involved instead of being deeply focused on the other, you get to switch.

You get to ask them about their goals and problems and concerns, instead of staying pre-occupied with self-involved thoughts.

You get to focus, with them, on what the exact outcome would be, of getting your help.

Suddenly you no longer feel awkward about the money conversation, because you'll be having a conversation about how badly the buyer wants the outcome... and whether or not it's worth it to them to invest in getting that outcome.

Whatever thoughts float through your head about how awkward or conflicted you feel, you can stop that all, simply by switching into a line of questioning around "How much does it hurt?" and "How important is it to get rid of this problem?"

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