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Of course it makes sense to only talk to buyers who are ready to take action and buy your work - otherwise, you're just spinning your wheels, dealing with people who have no urgency.

But it can be really hard to figure out, from a distance, whether they have the need and the urgency.

So that means when you're planning to reach out to people, or book a call with them, there's a non-zero risk you'll waste their time and your own as well.

A simple and useful POV to help you avoid that, and to get a reasonable amount of certainty that at least they need what you do, is to ask yourself:

"What happened, before the problem that I solve occurred?"

Specifically: what purchase did they make that caused the problem that you solve?

In my case, I solve the following problem for people:

"I want to sell more, at better rates, but only if I don't have to go against my values and my integrity".

So what would someone who has a need for solving that problem, and who needs to solve that urgently, have bought?

What purchase would have caused, or aggravated, that problem?

Well, maybe they bought SEO, and suddenly there's traffic, and inquiries, and appointments...

But if the business owner doesn't really know how to sell, the investment in SEO won't turn into revenue. They used to have meetings that didn't go anywhere, and now they have *more* meetings that don't go anywhere.more meetings that don't go anywhere.

So for me, people who bought SEO, may also have "purchased a problem", of the kind that I can help with.

Or imagine a copywriter: they would do well to start conversations with people who have bought ad campaigns, but who aren't getting the conversion rates they want.

See what this is about?

You want to take a broader, more strategic view, on where your ideal, most qualified buyer, is at, and ask yourself:

What happened in the world of my ideal buyer, or what did they purchase, that caused the problem that I am eminently qualified to solve?

Go for those people.

And check out SFC Personal if you want my personal help dealing with those people and having sales conversations with them.

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