🏆 What is their biggest aspiration?

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We all aspire to fix, prevent or improve things.

And the bigger the problem, and the more costly the solution, the more buying represents an accomplishment.

You can't just sell based on problems and fixes, because that's largely a rational matter.

And your buyer only buys when they are emotionally in support of the rationale.

That's why you need to talk to your buyer about what they are looking to achieve or accomplish:

What do they aspire to?

  • If buying from you fixes a problem, what does that say about their ability to get unstuck?
  • If buying prevents a problem, in what way do they become a better steward over the future?
  • If buying improves a situation, how big of an accomplishment is that in terms of creating more wealth, growth, or opportunity?

The aspirational aspect of the purchase is not often taken into consideration, but it's an enormously powerful motivator.

So make sure your sales conversation helps your buyer be aware of what the deeper psychological motivation actually is.

And now, the final piece of the puzzle:

👤 What change in identity will take place when they buy?

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