⭐ What are their three biggest wants?

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What a buyer wants goes far beyond the technical side, the logistics and features, or the solution you provide.

And treating a buyer as problem-owner looking for a solution is a perfect recipe for getting ignored.

Whereas if you consider the ancillary, personal or emotional outcomes that a buyer wants, you'll find your buyer keen to engage in the sales process with you.

So ask yourself these questions to identify their biggest wants:

  • What will change on a personal level when they buy your outcome?
  • What opportunities or options will be unlocked?
  • How will your solution enable optionality?
  • What security will they obtain?
  • What risks will be mitigated?

So now you have identified what your buyer fears, what frustrates them, and what they actually want.

If you put all that together, what does that add up to?

In other words:

🏆 What is their biggest aspiration?

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