😱 What are their three biggest fears?

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Most sellers focus far too much on outcomes: they identify what the buyer needs, and try and convince them to get it.

But your buyer has fears, as well as wants & needs.

And if you only focus on the wants, you'll be ignoring their fears, which will then show up as the reason you get ghosted, or they'll manifest as objections.

But if you focus on fears - if you try to identify your buyer's worries and concerns - you'll spot objections (or: buy-blockers) as you go along, and you can address them as they come up.

So ask yourself:

  • What do they think your offer won't do for them?
  • If nothing changes, how will that negatively impact things, in terms of status, revenue, profit, or personal well-being?
  • If buying from you turns out to be a mistake, what consequences will that have?
  • What risks are th ey taking in buying from you?
  • What do they fear won't get fixed or resolved?

Next up:

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