📄 Welcome to a brand new year

Hey, happy new year to you. May the year bring you wealth, happiness, and people to love.

And I'm not just saying that because it's a new year, but because if I could assign one word to 2023, it's this: People.

After almost 30 years living in relative seclusion, first in the monastery and then in Spain, last spring I decided to bring people back into my life. Not just on Zoom, but in real life. Make friends, like I used to. Go on dates, take trips to see clients, fly to Lisbon for my friend's book launch, go walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela with two clients, learn surfing and horseback riding, go to Meetups... you know, get myself out there.

Because while it's easy for an ex-monk to be alone, at some point I noticed a clear desire to surround myself with the right kind of people, and so I acted on it. And the effect has been amazing and fantastic, so much has changed in these last ~8 months.

Why should you care?

Because people make all the difference. Skills are required, and mindset, but those are not enough, because the people you surround yourself with have an outsize influence on many areas in your life, including your business.

If you hang out with people who keep reminding you that the economy sucks and that nobody has any money to spend, those people are teaching you to look for confirmation that what they're saying is correct, and you'll find that confirmation, I promise.

But choose to hang out with go-getters who ignore all that talk and doggedly search for proof of the contrary, and you'll be steeped in an environment where people keep showing you that yes, things might suck but there's still business to be done and money to be earned.

No matter what else you have in place in order to enable you to thrive: if it doesn't include a circle of trusted friends who bring out the best attitude and behaviour in you, you're driving with the brakes on.

So that's why my word for the year 2024 is: Relationships. I'm taking the concept of 'People' in my life up a notch, and I'm going to get super-intentional about building relationships with people.

And obviously, I highly recommend you too pay special attention to the people in your life, the ones you ought to get more of, and the ones you ought to stay away from.

And, if you want to surround yourself with people who, every day, are proving to themselves and others in the group, that yes, given the right approach and actions you can sell your work and without haggling or getting ghosted...

Then that's exactly what you get as part of the SFC Academy programme, which is going to kick off at the end of this month.

I opened registration a month ago, but didn't really promote the offer, which is why I'm extending the 50% discount until the end of Jan.

So for those readers who are fed up with Negative Nelly's and people who argue for their limitations, but instead want to have conversations with other coaches and consultants and owners who are all showing up daily to generate the opportunities and close the sales:

Come join us. You'll get an online community, 10 weeks of group training in my Sales for Nice People framework, and a full year of personal access to me.

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