📄 Wait, wow... it improves your state as well? Why hadn't I thought of that! 🤦

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That thing I've been mentioning, the SalesFlow Coach Membership?

Turns out that it's not only working, it also brings benefits that I hadn't even considered.

For instance, Personal subscriber Mitko Dmitrov wrote in to say:

"Just being on your programme gives me piece of mind and overall reduces stress. "For example, I’ve just come back from a conference and have a mountain of opportunities. "Usually, I’d feel overwhelmed and end up wasting them all. "But now, I just feel so calm, because I know I can rely on you to help with advice. And I’ll be in touch soon over the platform 🙂"

Yus!!! I realise now that this is exactly why I too pay a retainer to a coach:

To have someone in my corner, who I know can answer the important questions about my business, and who I know will reply when I write in.

And the effect of that, the benefit and direct result, is a massive improvement in my state of calm, clarity, and focus.

So when you get an SFC Personal membership, you get what Mitko gets:

An increased ability to focus on what matters most, because your internal state will be better. You'll have security, an insurance policy for anything sales-related that you need solved now, or in the future.

So maybe a subscription isn't for you and that's fine, but what is for you, with love and all my heart, is this:

The little-known fact that one of the biggest influences on our success, if not the biggest, is the internal state under which we operate.

More so than habits, activities, your network, your knowledge or your skills:

Your state today determines the quality of your tomorrow.


Because no matter how good you are with your habits, network, knowledge, execution etc:

If you're in a bad state - anxious, depressed, scattered, angry, rushed, etc - you're not doing your best work and you won't get your best tomorrow.

But if your state is one of control, calm, focus, attention & precision? Then you get to do your best work yet, and you'll have a much better tomorrow then if your state sucks.

State management is where it's at.

And you might experience what Mitko experienced, in fact that might happen the moment you sign up:

The massive boost in your state, just from knowing that from now on, you have a Martin in your corner and you can ask him anything at any time, especially related to your business and your sales, but not exclusively.

So. The details of the programme here, and the insurance policy described as above. See you on the inside.

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