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❓ How is your business doing?

[ 🔁 Workflows ] >> Business review Is your pipeline full, are you getting meetings, is there money coming in? 🟢 Business is good Lucky…

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❓ Is that in your control?

[ 🔁 Workflows ] >> [ 🔎 Pick a lead, and review where that deal is at|Pipeline review ] >> Are you in control of making the next step…

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📄 Any leads in your pipeline?

How often do you ask yourself that? "Do I have any leads in my pipeline?" Because the difference between a coach or consultant who…

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📄 The worst question, that nearly every seller asks - and what to ask instead

"Do you want to buy this, or not?" Even if you don't actually ask it from a buyer, it's what you want them to answer, right? Wrong. That…

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🤔 Review your business

[ Workflows ] >> General review Let's have a look, and see where your business is at: pick one of the options below... ❓ [ ❓ How is your…

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