📯 This just in (really, you oughta take this thing seriously)

I was going to send you Chapter 1 of the Sales for Nice People mini-training today, but two things happened:

First, it took far more fiddling with settings and apps and cameras than I had imagined, it's only been a minute since I successfully set everything up, and so I've not yet stated recording yet and this day is getting shorter.

And yes, I want this to not be text-only, as you're used to from me, but I want their to be video as well, for a number of reasons. So now that everything's ready, hopefully I can jump straight in tomorrow, hit record, and ship you the goods.

The second thing, is that the wonderful Mairi Mickel sent me a testimonial, and I want to share that with you first, because it perfectly demonstrates why you should pay attention to the mini-training that will kick off tomorrow (erm.. hopefully? Yes, hopefully.)

[!NOTE|] Take it away, Mairi: "Martin's SFNP sales training is fantastic.

"It transformed how I approach my whole sales process as a coach and consultant with my Family Business clients, meaning very complex sales have become easier for me to handle.

"In the past I would spend time having coffees and trying to trickle things into my sales pipeline, never really understanding how best to fill and maintain my pipeline.

"These days I have no more endless coffees, I win more clients and more easily.

"And, I win them at a higher price and even have clients on a waiting list, and I get more referrals too.

"I fully endorse Martin's sales programme for anyone serious about investing in winning more clients.

"~ Mairi Mickel, Family Business Succession Expert"

Now obviously, Mairi got more than a free mini-training: a few years ago, she purchased the full 10-week live training, that can be yours to have if you jump into SFC Academy).

Also, she and I have been working together as business partners for about a year now, so I sure don't want to promise that the mini-training, or even the Academy, will get you the kind of non-typical results that she got.

But look at her first words, where she says SFNP transformed the way she approaches the sales process... and it's all become easier to handle.

That's exactly what I want for you: to have an easier time at selling.

Because running a business is hard enough as it is, and if there's anything that should be made easier, it's selling.

So that starts tomorrow. Probably.

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