📄 The Shift in serving customers even before they buy

It's quite amazing how many folks have hang-ups, where it comes to selling their work.

"Stressful", "No good at it", "Awkward", "I just want to do my work without having to sell"...

These are some of the things people tell me.

It’s a sad state of affairs, especially since most people have a truly valuable offer, are good people, and genuinely want to serve their buyers.

But, until you land a client, you don’t get to serve that client, right?

Actually: wrong.

If you *really* want to serve a buyerreally want to serve a buyer, then your serving them starts before they buy.

If you deliver a rocking product or service, then your first order of business is serving your buyer, in the process of making a decision.

That decision being: whether or not to buy that product or service of yours.

It’s a bit like coaching, in that sense: you’re not there to convince or persuade, but to hold a space where someone reaches their own clarity, uncovers their own motives for making a decision (in this case: whether or not to buy), and where they enroll themselves into saying yes and sending you money. Just like a coach does.

This shift in attitude - from "I got something and I need to figure out how to get people to pay me" into "Let’s help this person figure out if they actually want my thing" makes all the difference.

It changes the dynamics, creates conversations that are zero % pushy and 100% enjoyable, and lands you buyers that really want your work (i.e. you drastically reduce buyer’s remorse and landing the wrong kinds of buyers).

And, if a prospect doesn’t buy, they’ll remember you as someone with integrity, that they enjoyed dealing with, and they’ll very likely welcome it when you follow up again in the future.

It’s a significant shift, with big consequences, and all it takes is for you to reframe what a sales conversation is about.

From selling… to serving - before the sale even happens - so that you get to serve your buyer even more, once they do buy.

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