📄 The one problem shared by almost everyone who sells things

Over the years, working with hundreds of coaches and consultants, and conducting hundreds upon hundreds of interviews, there's one fatal flaw that nearly every single business owner has:

Not spending enough time, energy, and dedication, on working the opportunities for sales that exist.

In other words:

Hardly anyone really works their pipeline, properly and diligently, documenting and logging as your deals move forward.

Now don't feel bad - you're not alone.

Even professional sales people need a manager to egg them on.

"Make the calls!"

"Do followup!"

"Get out there and meet people!"

"Update the CRM"

Problem is, neither working a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), nor doing followup, nor making calls, is what gets you sales in a reliable, predictable, repeatable way.

No, if you want to generate leads, advance the deals, and move qualified buyers into becoming a client, you'll need to commit time to it, and return to the process every day.

But then you (and pro sales reps and everyone else) run into a problem:

You look at your database (whether it's a CRM, a spreadsheet or a notebook), and you lose all clarity and steam.

These people stopped replying...

Those ones don't have the money...

That one just became a father and is out of the running...

Those people were interested in something you no longer offer...

What a mess, where do you start? How do you possibly generate a client out of that sad list of people in your world?

The answer is: you don't.

Here's what to do instead.

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