📄 The archetype to embody when you really want your business to thrive

It's pretty odd that it gets talked about so little, but that concept of roles - of suits to wear, or identities to embody - is an enormously powerful tool for an entrepreneur.

Because no matter what shape our business has, or what size, or what our funnel is like or who your customers are:

You as the entrepreneur have to show up to the job of doing your work, and each day you get to choose how you're going to hold hou yourself. How you're going to show up.

If you show up as the assembly-line worker, making sales calls, you get what a salesperson gets: revenue.

But if you show up as the strategic thinker, you get a really well-crafted testing environment for incrementally improving your top-line and bottom-line results.

And if you show up as a thinker, author, speaker, producer of content by way of codifying your IP, you get a platform of people eager to listen to you, learn from you, and buy from you, just because you've done so much to articulate your knowledge on the topic your busines deals in.

What you get out of your business is determined by what influenced by what you put in, and the best thing to put in, is avery consciously chose, and increasingly optimised, high-level owner of the business, rather than an extremely skilled worker in the business.

In other words:

The more you're able to operate on your business in an executive-type role, the more you'll be working on growing it and stabilising things, rather than just keeping the place running or putting out fires.

So you're nice people, and you just want people to buy your work.

But how do you make that happen without having to be salesy or pushy?

How do you convert buyers into customers, how do you stop getting ghosted, how do you get paid the money you deserve?

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