📄 Stacking Your Assets for Fun & Profit

Far too little attention gets given to the assets a business has, and the way they can be made to leverage each other.

And we all have assets, but most of the time we don't make them work for us.

So we end up spending more time and money on driving new sales, when we can easily get sales from our customer list.

Because yes, a list of past and current customers is a terrific asset to leverage.

If people have paid you before, there’s a good chance they’ll do so again - provided you show up and talk to them.

And, provided that you show up with a relevant, calibrated message, and not just a defunct "just checking in".

Another asset to consider? Your specific, individual talent or ability:

Whether you think of it as Intellectual Property, or intellectual capital, or your 'Zone of Genius' work: it's a super valuable asset.

If you package that into a programme or a system, meaning you 'can & clone yourself;, you can get your work into the hands of more people and make more money because of it.

Then there’s your values - the things you’d stand on a barricade for.

Those too are a type of asset, because when you identify and connect with people who have similar values, you instantly have rapport with them.

And there’s more: your team, your intelligent ability to think up solutions or systems, your likeability, your network… lots of assets, and each can be put to use for greater results.

So many assets to leverage!

So then, how do you make most use of your assets, and get all you can out of everything you've got?

How do you 'stack your assets' in the simplest, fastest way?

It's not that hard.

First, you look at your customer list, and you analyse and segment it for needs and urgencies.

Next, you create an offer based on your intellectual property, designed specifically to address a costly problem your clients have, that they would want solved urgently.

Finally, you talk to your clients first and the other people in your network next, and ask them if this solution is indeed something they want.

Of course that doesn't guarantee they'll buy...

But because they know you and your work, and you've applied your customer intel (another asset!) in coming up with an offer and calibrated messaging, there's a good chance you'll land more sales.

And it's not until you've leveraged your client list, that it makes sense to invest in ads or lead generation campaigns.

You've spent all kinds of capital building that list of clients.

Make sure you leverage it, and get ROI on your investment before you invest in new leads.

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