😭 Tired of chasing after buyers...?

🚀 Launching Jan. 2024: SalesFlow Coach Academy 🧑‍🎓 Tired of getting ghosted, tired of people complaining about the price, fed up, sick…

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Cull ranker table

Related to: [ 🧹 Cull & Cleanup ] Name How likely? BS-ing self? Enjoy? Scope creep? Values match? Blocking? Totals (add up & div. by…

Sales for Nice People - how to LEAP to more sales (New mini-training launches tomorrow)

Long-time readers will remember that many years ago, I came up with the acronym LEAP, which stands for Listen, Explain, Ask, and Profit…

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📈 Get better at selling every day, with a short free article in your inbox

Frustrated with your sales results? Then become a free SalesFlow Coach subscriber, and receive a short daily email to help you fix that. As…

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ℹ️ Frequently Asked Questions

What is SalesFlow Coach? In a nutshell, I am the methodology and knowledge of Martin Stellar, wrapped in a minimal trial version of an app…

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▶️ Start SalesFlow Coach

If you're new here or you've been away for a while, start here.

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⛏️ MYNO = Mine Your Network for Opportunities

There's a massive amount of gains to be found in your network... so long as you know how to spot and leverage the opportunities. This workflow takes you through the process step by step.

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✅ SFC DevLog Newsletter signup

It was winter 2021, when I started talking with this developer called Binny. He had questions about writing, I had questions about this…

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❓ Are you in control of the thing that needs to happen?

[ 🔁 Workflows|Workflows ] >> [ 🔎 Pipeline review|Pipeline review ] >> Are you in control? In other words: The action or event that needs…

❓ How big could this opportunity be?

[ 🔁 Workflows ] >> [ ⛏️ MYNO = Mine Your Network for Opportunities|Mine Your Network for Opportunities ] >> What size opportunity might…

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