📄 Shall we get personal?

Remember yesterday, where I wrote about the personal membership we're about to launch?

Yeah... you can't imagine the amount of resistance (See: Pressfield, War of Art) that I'm going through right now.

From "What will people think" to "It'll never work", to "It's not ready, we need to polish it more":

The number of excuses fighting for front-row seats is staggering and overwhelming.

But dammit: each time someone asks me a question about a deal they have on the table and I give them some ideas or recommendations, their buyer engages and the deal moves forward, and often turns into a sale. My work works.

But my coaching fees are high and therefore inaccessible for many people, and because of that, many good-egg entrepreneurs who'd love to sell more and get help doing so, can't get that help from me.

Which is why my developer Kim and I have spent many months building a personal membership feature in SalesFlow Coach, where you can get my help, without having to sell a kidney to get it.


Well I'm a writer and over the years, I've written thousands upon thousands of replies to questions about deals and sales. By email, on Twitter, on Telegram... I've written so much, it's second nature to me, and it takes me almost no time at all to get where you're struggling, and compose a simple short reply that helps you move forward.

Which means text-based coaching is an activity that takes very little mental real estate - quite unlike a coaching programme, where there's many meetings and a client literally lives in my head for months.

And that means, text-based deal coaching can be had at a much, much lower price, and you get to keep your kidneys. You're welcome.

Anyway: despite my resistance and doubts and trepidation, I need to do this. I need to get this option out into the world, for the sustainability of SalesFlow Coach, as well as for the benefit of high-integrity entrepreneurs.

So: damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.

I haven't figured out yet if we'll launch at the normal monthly $99 or start with a three-week trial for $1, still need to decide.

But: if Martin's help with your deals is worth $99 per month and you want to know more, go here to check out the details, and schedule a call to apply for SFC Personal membership.

Because if you're in business because of a mission and you want to land more buyers and have a bigger impact, maybe it's time you and I get personal.

Need some help?

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