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It was winter 2021, when I started talking with this developer called Binny.

He had questions about writing, I had questions about this thing called a "Digital Garden" that people were talking about, and we got along really well. So, we decided to meet weekly and answer each other's questions.

10 months later and after a lot of inspiration and help from him and many others, and I've built a little MVP, hired people for development and SEO, and I realise:

While I wasn't paying attention, I accidentally ended up building a tiny little Software-as-a-Service. Oops 🤷

Of course it's been enormously fun, and the process taught me a ton of things - from hiring and managing, to code and what a Digital Garden is, to figuring out how to put myself into a tin, and give everyone out there free access to my methodologies.

And as of November 11 2022, I'm sharing our progress and development, in a weekly DevLog newsletter.

It's where I pull back the curtain, and give you an inside-view on what goes into being a manic content creator with an insatiable drive for serving, and for tinkering, who is trying to put something in the world that's more useful than just a blog.

Each week I will share what's going on behind the scenes at SFC HQ, cool things I've found, and of course:

New content that got added to the app in the last week.


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