📄 Serve more, sell more, earn more

Great news for business owners who operate out of integrity and values:

The amount of money you make is directly proportional to the amount of value you create in the world, the marketplace, or the life of your clients.

Whoohoo! Create more value, make more money!

Yes, but:

That money will only show up if, of course, people buy your work.

And yes, that means there's a job to be done: getting your work bought.

More good news?

Selling, for nice people, is something you do with your buyer, not to your buyer.

And the best way to do that with your buyer?

Help them reach the clarity they need in order to make a decision, be it buy or not buy.

That's pretty helpful, and in fact: it's how you serve your buyer even before there's a transaction.

So, if you serve more in getting your buyers to clarity, you'll automatically sell more, and if you then don't price yourself too low, you also earn more.

Note the choice of words: when you serve more, you earn more. That extra, increased revenue, isn't coming your way because your work is so valuable, but because you did the hard work of finding, and engaging with, the people who want to buy it, after which they become the beneficiary of the value your work creates.

That's how nice people make a profit: you earn more, because you sell more, because you serve more, simply by helping people make a decision.

So if you're frustrated that you're not selling enough, and you want to produce more value in the lives of your buyers, get yourself an HSL Breakthrough Session.

We'll analyse your sales levers, and you'll walk away with positioning and messaging that makes it far easier for people to choose "Yes, I'll take it, when do we start?"

Details here: https://martinstellar.com/salesbreakthroughsession/

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