📄 Sell Stewardship

An average seller tries to reason with people:

“Once you finally understand how good of a choice it is, to buy this thing…!”

A good seller works with benefits, desires, needs and outcomes:

“You’re telling me you want outcome X, which is precisely why we created this offer. It looks like this is the thing you’ve been looking for”.

Then there's the terrific seller, who works relationships and service:

“I’m here to help you get to the right decision - be it buy or don’t buy. Talk to me about any concern you may have, I’m not here to push anything”.

And someone who sells with a purpose, from the heart, out of sheer desire to make a positive impact?

That person seller sells stewardship:

“I’m here to make sure you’re taken care of - by me, my team, and by the product or service you’ll be using. I'm here to be a steward over your outcomes”.

That seller, by the way, is the one who gets the easiest sales, most referrals, and best clients.

Why? Because when you steward over people's outcomes, you naturally have to steward over their choices as well, especially the choice of whether or not to buy from you.

Sell stewardship, make your selling an act of service.

Let people know you’re there for them, looking out for them.

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