📄 Sales for Nice People - how to LEAP to more sales (New mini-training launches tomorrow)

SalesFlowCoach app Announcing mini training sales for nice people MartinStellar Long-time readers will remember that many years ago, I came up with the acronym LEAP, which stands for Listen, Explain, Ask, and Profit.

The LEAP framework was so useful, I even launched a print publication - the LEAP Marketing Newsletter - which got sent out to subscribers around the world every month, from Australia to Canada to Japan. Good times.

And, even though I ended the print newsletter, the LEAP framework is still very much alive, and very much at the heart of all of my work.

Not because I'm so enamoured with my own creation, but because the framework is so powerful.

If you Listen, and then Explain, and after that you Ask your buyer for the sale, you will end up making a Profit.

But for that profit to happen, you need to do things in the right order. In the right way. And you need to ask not just for the sales, but a whole bunch of other questions as well. After all, people don't just throw profit at you - they'll only do that when the conditions are right.

And the best way to create those right conditions, is by asking the right questions, in function of gathering your 🧠 Must-know buyer intel. (I mean that. It's called 'must-know' for a reason.)

Without the answers to many questions hidden behind that link, your sales process will often feel like you're pushing a rope.


All the articles, the question-sets, the workflows in SalesFlow Coach... they are helpful and handy.

But they're incomplete without an actual mini-training, on how to have the sales conversations that bring you profit.

And that's why starting tomorrow, I'll be sending you one chapter a day, of the Sales For Nice People mini-training, which teaches you how to apply the modalities and modes of conversation, that make up the Listen, Explain, Ask, Profit model.

It's powerful stuff. I suggest you pay attention, take notes, and above all: experiment with the instructions and homework you'll receive.

Landing tomorrow, in an inbox near you, a brand new SalesFlow Coach mini-training: Sales for Nice People.

Stay tuned...



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