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Tl;dr, the 'quick question': If you could get a massive upgrade in your sales skills, as well as my personal support for a year, plus a community, at a super attractive price, would you be interested? Y/N

I've just had a meeting with my mentor, and he gave me a challenge, because I have a hypothesis and a plan and I wonder if it'll work.

It's an ambitious plan - to try and generate 100K before the end of the year - and what's worse, it depends 100% on doing something I typically procrastinate on enormously.

I.e. outreach and asking people to partner up with me. I mean, I already tend to procrastinate on outreach as it is, but whenever it's in function of cross-promotion and revenue-share partnerships, it's even worse.

But here's the thing:

I can justify putting things off because I of my own reasons, like not needing the money, or having other things to do, or talking myself out of it because doing the outreach would make me feel awkward.

But what I can't justify, is letting my own mediocre attitude and lack of courage prevent me from putting myself in front of other people.

And why would that matter, why would other people care about knowing about me and my stuff?

Well, over the last half year I've been going to a tonne of meetups, and I've given talks, and hosted an event, and every single time I start preaching my views on ethical, humane, values-based selling, people go "My god, I love this, I can totally do this too, thank you so much, this is so superhelpful".

In other words: while I've been nicely holed up in my home in Spain over the last decade, a number of experiences in Lisbon and Edinburgh this year, have shown me that ethical entrepreneurs need what I do, and benefit from it enormously.

And it just won't do, that I'm 50 years old, have 3 decades of study into psychology and communication and sales behind me, and that my work literally solves million-dollar problems for people with that size business...

But I'm still the world's best-kept secret! I have an email list of a few hundred people, I have a few allies and friends and business partners... but I am largely unknown and too many people don't get the benefit of everything I can help with.

And that will no longer do, and therefore I'm forced and morally obliged to do what it takes to become more visible, and serve more people.

And the quickest way to do that is work with Other People's Audiences, and that requires... lord help me... outreach. Which will start on Monday.

Now, why would you care about all of this?

Because you're a subscriber and that makes you special to me and that means you're going to get something special.

I'll explain that over the next few days, but first I need to ask you that quick question, in function of my testing a hypothesis as to whether the offer I'm putting together will convert:

If I create an offer where you get a 10-week group sales training, plus access to a Personal coaching thread with me until thru 2024, plus monthly office hours, plus a community of likeminded students, all in service of you landing more buyers...

Would that be worth $1500 to you?

I'm not asking you to buy here, that will happen later. For now, all I'm asking for is a show of hands:

Would an offer like that appeal to you, would it be worth it, Yes/No?

Let me know, thanks.

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