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Steve Jobs is quoted as saying that “People don't buy products - they buy a new version of themselves", and that's a profoundly important fundamental element of why people buy things.

So let's have a look at how to make that practical, and tangible, and how to use that notion in your sales process:

See, we have this story we tell ourselves about who we are, about our position in the world, about our relationship with other people.

This is our self-narrative.

This is how we define ourselves as a person in the world.

And when we make a purchase, something changes in the story that we tell ourselves.

If I go and I buy an EV, then the story Martin tells himself, about himself, changes.

With that purchase, I go from being a guy who talks about taking care of the planet, to being someone who puts his money where his mouth is. A new me, a new version of Martin.

My self-story changes from ‘I no longer pay lip-service - I actually take action’.

When you are able to identify that identity piece with your buyer, and you learn what change in identity they will obtain, you’ll be able to have a much deeper, more impactful conversation with that buyer.

You’re no longer talking about features and benefits and price and promise - you’re actually talking about the thing that matters most to your buyer, i.e. you’re talking about them.

And not on a superficial level, but in terms of how that person sees themselves in the world, and that just happens to be the strongest motivator for decision and action there is.

So take some time to reflect, and brain-dump the ideas that come up in answer to the question:

What changes in your buyer’s self-view and self-narrative, when they buy your solution from you?

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