📄 No Ethics Were Harmed in the Making of This Sale

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If you consider yourself an ethical person, someone with integrity, someone with values that speak of care for others, then there might be times when you feel conflicted where it comes to selling your work, or quoting prices, or indeed: setting rates that your work is worth.

And if that's the case, it's very likely that your ethics and values themselves are the very thing that cause you to undercharge, or to miss out on buyers.

“I wouldn’t stoop so low as to manipulate people into buying!”

Nor should you. Not people like us.

But, if you do care about others, and if your product or service genuinely solves problems and makes people’s lives better, isn’t it an act of service when you enable people to buy?

So then how do you get around that barrier, the one set up by your morals and values - how do you solve the good-egg-problem?

It’s simple:

Forget about all the sleazy, pushy sales tactics that reek of the 80’s. That’s not you, and you don’t need them, no matter what the sales gurus tell you.

Next, reframe what selling really is:

It’s helping someone make a decision. Selling is guiding someone through a decision-making process. Your job as the seller is to help your buyer decide yes or no.

Finally: be unattached to the outcome, and embrace the no.

When you have something to sell, you’ll go through an ocean of no, so you might as well get comfortable with it.

And the more comfortable you are with the no, the less pressure the buyer will feel, meaning they’ll have fewer objections and worries.

Oh, and bonus? Exactly because you're not attached to the outcome, your buyer will feel more at ease, share more information, and be more willing to engage in the sales process with you.

AND you’ll be selling without ever compromising your values and ethics.

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