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Stressful times are no fun, but you can't always avoid them.

Whenever you end up in a situation where the hurt is on, you're not selling enough, and you've got bills to pay or payroll to make, this is the order in which to proceed:

1. Talk to past buyers and try to re-activate them

After all, there's a fat chance that some of them will be in need of help right now.

And if they've bought from you before, the chance that they'll buy again are higher than if you're talking to a new prospect.

So, get on the phone, send emails, drop by the office if you can - whatever you do, make sure you always start by pinging your past and current clients.

2. Ask your past and current buyers for referrals or introductions

Again, if they know you as a reliable player, there's a good chance they'll connect you with someone.

And, the implicit endorsement from your past buyers pre-builds trust, which means you have a damn good chance of getting a meeting and even a sale.

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