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The spreadsheet here below helps you quickly list, rank, and sort the people and opportunities in your world.

It's part of the mini-training Mine Your Network for Opportunities, which is designed to quickly fill your pipeline with new opportunities.


  1. Click this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14tMnBOZhrbEgNMzX-1Z1mhCzuKdoaIvZbqvUsLoEHpc/edit?usp=sharing

  2. From the menu-bar, select File --> Download, and click your preferred format

Step 1:

List all names that fit the following two criteria:

  • Knows me, and would be happy to hear from me
  • Understands what I do

Step 2:

Score every person in column B thru E

Step 3:

Click the little arrow at the top of Column F and sort "Ascending"

Step 4:

For each of these people, ask yourself the "contact-intel questions" of the MYNO Workflow

Step 5:

Make notes on what to say in your outreach for each of those people, schedule outreach-action, and review the next person on the list

Step 6:

Execute on your scheduled outreach-actions

Step 7:

Add these people to your CRM or leads spreadsheet, and mark or tag them as "Contacted"

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