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The first thing to know:

The Money Game only works if you actually play it.

You don't win at chess if you don't actually look at the board and move pieces.

With the Money Game, it's the same thing.

Sure, it's nice to decide "I'm going to put out as many proposals as I can!"

But if you then don't go in to register and track and review how many you put out, and for which amounts, and how many dollars you earned, you're not playing the game.

So each day, follow these simple steps:

First off:

  • Look at your Money Game and review:
    • Number of proposals put out
    • Dollar amount put out in proposals
    • Total revenue earned


  • Go through your recent conversations and interactions, and update your Money Game spreadsheet

Finally, ask yourself:

Instructions: 👨‍🎓 How to play The Money Game

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