🆕 Look them up and see what's going on in their world

🔁 Workflows >> Mine Your Network for Opportunities >> What's new with this person?

To send outreach that people appreciate, you need to apply a bit of tact and take an interest in the other.

After all, you don't want to send a business message to someone who's just buried a relative.

But, you do want to mention an award they just won, or an acquisition their business completed, or a rebranding they just did.

So have a quick scan through some of their social profiles, and their website.

Anything jump out?

Any events, accomplishments, changes - anything worth mentioning in your outreach?

Make a note of it.

Ok, now that we've asked questions about them, we get to the meat and potatoes:

Composing a message.

So we ask:

✍ī¸ What helpful & delightful message can I send them?

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