📄 Keep your messaging short

We usually say too much.

We don't let the other person think.

We say a thing, and before the other even has time to process it, we add something else.

All in an effort to make a case, to try and find the one thing we should say, so that we pull the other person over the line and get them to see our point of view, and see the sense in buying our thing.

Doesn't matter if what you're selling is an ebook, an appointment, a course, consulting or coaching or even an idea or a collaboration:

The more you say, the more homework you give your buyer.

All the notions, facts, interesting tidbits and relevant ideas that you add in, they don't help.

In fact, loading up your communications with notions doesn't increase the chance you'll land the sale - instead, it lowers your chances, as you go about overwhelming the other.


Because overwhelm causes confusion, and a confused mind doesn't make a decision.

And when that decision is 'buy/don't buy', you want your buyer to have clarity, not confusion.

So whether it's in speaking or writing:

Keep things short and simple. Stay on point.

Present one core message, one central statement, and focus your communication on getting your buyer to reach clarity on whether that premise you lay down works for them or not.

"We can talk about the different ways to implement this later on, but right now the most important thing is:

"Do you feel that this project would actually solve your problem?

If so, what concerns do you have, that we should look at?"

Now you're giving your buyer the chance to reflect on the conversation.

Now, you're helping them reach clarity, on what matters most in a sales conversation:

"Do I want this, or not?"

Note: The question isn't "Do they want it?"

That question makes it about you, and in selling, it's about the buyer, no matter what you're selling.

Get your buyer to ask themselves "Is this what I want?" and your sales will either close themselves, or people tell you no and you can both move on.

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