📄 Just. Stop. Explaining (The real reason people buy)

What, actually, is at the heart of a decision to make a purchase?

It’s not because of a desire to own.

Not because of disposable income.

Status isn’t it, nor is 'adding value to their lives'.

People don’t buy because of persuasion or a good sales pitch.

People don’t buy in order to invest, or to feel good about themselves, or because it makes them happy or because it solves a problem.

All those things, and many more, are part of the reasons, but none of them are at the core.

The real, ultimate reason to buy, the one cause that’s at the root of all other reasons, is simple.

When people decide to purchase your work, it's because they feel understood.

When a vendor - of anything - manages to make a person feel that their problem is understood and will be solved by proceeding to checkout, that’s when a sale happens.

And this is why a salesperson who listens more than he or she talks will have far easier time finding buyers who convert.

Because if your sales aren’t happening, you need to ask yourself:

Are you explaining - are you trying making yourself understood?

Or, instead, are you making your prospect feel understood...?

If the former is the case, you might want to change tack, because more explaining won’t make a buyer feel understood.

But more listening just might. Probably will.

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