📄 It's not a sale until the money is there

It's always fun when one of my clients reaches the point where they're about to land a big deal, bigger than they ever had before.

What's especially fun at such times, is when they show up to a coaching session all happy and excited with their new about-to-happen sale, and then I get to rain on their parade, and tell them:

"It's not a sale until the money is there".

Yes, I'm a cruel bastard, but it's because I love you. Or: yes it's harsh, but you and every entrepreneur needs to learn the lesson:

Until you've been paid or the contract is signed, it's not a sale. And you shouldn't congratulate yourself, buy that holiday, have that drink, invest in that new computer, or reward yourself in any other way.

No celebrating, no cheering, not yet.


Because landing a deal is an extremely delicate process, and it can go wrong at any moment and in many ways, as you'll have noticed.

And the closer you get to the moment where your buyer transacts with you and converts into being your client, the more nuanced and delicate things can be.

You need to be sharp, awake, aware, on your toes, observant and responsive to what your buyer does and says.

When you're nearing the finish line with a buyer, under no circumstance should your take your hands off the dials or your eyes of the road.

Because what happens when you celebrate or reward yourself?

Your sales instinct goes limp, you become less observant, more sloppy in your communications, less focused. The moment you celebrate, as a seller, is the moment you become a weak seller.

Aaaaand... there. Another one that got away. Well done, you. :/

Here's the psychological mechanics why that happens, when you celebrate too soon:

When a buyer hasn't paid or signed yet but you celebrate, you're working with an assumption.

You're assuming the sale will happen.

And when you assume the wrong thing about someone else, you'll display the wrong kind of behaviour and your buyer will notice and feel like you're needy, or that you're moving too fast, or that you're not getting them.

Each of those emotions and reactions, and many others that you could trigger, can cause your buyer to move back, instead of leaning in.

So, keep your celebrating for later, and stay sharp. You're almost there, don't let go just yet.

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