📄 Is this for beginners? (AKA "Learn your people")

When my team and I released the Hidden Sales Levers framework a few months ago, the first order of business was to gather feedback, and see what type of business would most benefit from it, but also resonate the most with it.

And it's fascinating (if somewhat confounding) to see the wild variety of opinions we received, and also the very different types of people who responded.

From solo traders, to founders of startups, coaches and consultants, to people running companies with 100s of employees... it seemed like this little 4-pillar framework could make a difference for all kinds of businesses. (Which, from a marketing perspective, would seem like bad news: if something is for everyone, no-one will buy it, is the rule of thumb. But HSL is not for everyone. While it might apply across industries and company sizes, it will only work for a specific, narrowly defined kind of business owner: the kind who predicates their sales on a deep desire to gain a deep understanding of their buyers.)

And then one of my friends said "This would be super useful for beginners, people just starting out".

Which, yes, is absolutely true. If you're new to business, then learning how the HSL system works is going to do wonders for your ability to identify, attract, and convert buyers.

So then how come it can also work for a large company?

Because HSL is built on the core, fundamental, foundational principles of how sales happen: understanding people, so that you can better relate to them.

Something which the 'Endless amounts of leads booked into your calendar with AI and automation!' boys and girls seem to skip over.

And while I'm not against AI or automation, I'd much rather work with what's been proven to work since forever.

Rain will always sprout seeds.

Eating will always fill your tummy.

Asking buyers why they chose you over someone else will always reveal your USP.

And getting ultra-clear on what is your USP, and your ideal buyer, and the problems they most want solving, and what to say to those people about those problems, will always get you more buyers.

Technology, innovation, what have you: sure. But nothing beats going back to the basics, the foundations of buyer psychology and messaging.

Oh, and: getting clear on those four pillars will always enable you to earn more with the opportunities you have, without having to spend extra money on SEO, content, advertising or staff.

Just by getting better at understanding your buyers, and communicating with them.

Like I always say: Learn your people.

So if you want more sales and revenue, based on the above and on a deep understanding of your buyers and your market, this free checklist PDF gives you the 4 pillars and their individual action steps, and this is where you can get yourself a 1-off HSL Breakthrough Session.

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