📄 "I wish I didn't have to sell my work...!"

“I wish selling my work wasn’t part of being in business...”

You wouldn't believe the number of times I’ve heard that…

But the reality is that if you want a buyer, selling is not optional - it’s just part of business.

The good news is?

Things are bought, not sold.

When a buyer says yes, and signs or pays, that’s them making the decision.

That's someone else buying - not you selling.

So you as the seller, you don’t need to do any ‘selling’ the way you normally think of it.

Instead, your only job is to have a conversation - one that makes it easier for the buyer to decide yes, or no.

Because a sale happens in the context of a conversation, and that conversation happens in the context of a relationship.

And you're able to have conversations and create relationships, right?

Well then… that’s all you need to do. Have conversations.

But, there’s different kinds of conversation:

Those that meander, that don’t lead to an outcome or sale, that leave you tired and frustrated…

And then, there’s the kind of conversation that has a purpose, that clears things up as to whether or not a buyer wants your thing…

… and, that's the kind of conversation that elegantly leads to a decision, without any pressure or manipulation.

So when engaging with a buyer, make your goal is to help them get to the clarity they need, to make a decision.

That's how you help people buy, no 'selling' required.

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