📄 I know they need it, but somehow they're just not buying

If that happens - when you know a prospect totally needs your thing but they're just not signing up - it's probably because you're trying to 'sell', when really it should be about them buying.

Because the truth is, things are bought, not sold.

And when we as the seller try to sell, you raise all kinds of objections and defence mechanisms.

Because the moment you tell someone “Do this thing”, they’ll rebel.

That’s why traditional selling is so icky.

A seller trying with all his might to show the buyer that the seller is right and that the buyer needs to change their views and make a decision, and buy? Yuck.

Even if the seller is right - if he or she correctly surmises that their product or service is right for the buyer - that doesn’t mean they get to tell the other that they are wrong - but that's exactly the message that the buyer hears.

"No, you're not getting it. When you buy this, all will be well. You just need to see what I'm trying to show you". It's obvious how that won't work, isn't it?

Like it or not, even if your heart is in it and you truly care, the moment you try to tell someone that your view must be adopted, you’re making the other person wrong, because you’re right. And that never works.

Hence the saying:

Things are bought, not sold.

Buying is inward, it’s a pull. ‘Selling’ is outward, it’s push.

When people need your offer and they're not picking it up: stop pushing, and instead invite your buyer into making a decision.

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