📄 How to use systems and client-intel to generate 20% growth in revenue, or more

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Question for you:

Over time, what's been most effective in growing your business?

Did you get your growth and stability from using methods and systems... or was all your success the result of experiments, trying things, hoping that you'd finally unlock the big secret?

I might not know your situation and history, but I'll bet that for most of my readers, if you look back at your timeline, success and growth have been a result of systems, not of throwing spaghetti at the wall.

(If that's not true and systems never did much for you, but change and experiments do work for getting you your results: this email isn't for you. Go buy more spaghetti.)

Of course the question is: which systems should you use?

If you want more sales and money, sure you can hire a life-coach and get better as a person and business-owner. But the systems a life-coach could teach (If they teach systems - there's a lot of fluff in that sector, but I digress) are quite a few steps removed from concrete, numerical business results.

No, if you want your numbers to go up, you gotta work the numbers. Not how many pages you journal in the morning.

And the best numbers to work with?

The number of leads you have, the percentage that becomes a client, and the amount of money they pay.

Those three numbers compound and if you grow each of them, your revenue goes up, maybe even exponentially.

And to recap yesterdays message: you improve those numbers by figuring out your USP, your Avatar, their problem-stack, and what messaging they need to hear in order to say yes.

But how do you figure those out?

Well, not by having board-meetings, watching Youtube videos, posting on social media, or updating your website or LI profile.

No, you find those answers by talking to the people who give you money. You ask your clients why they gave you money, instead of going with someone else. You interview them about their drivers, and concerns, and motivators and aspirations. You ask them about the problems they wanted you to solve, and why the problem-cost was high enough to hire you and get them solved. You create messaging out of what you learned, and you got test that messaging with new buyers, to see if you got it right.

See what we're doing here?

We're using data, in order to validate a hypothesis on how to reliably and predictably find strangers and turn them into customers.

And, we're using the most valuable and accurate kind of data: insights learned from the people who have paid us.

Put very shortly: If you want to grow your revenue, you need to talk to your clients.

This is what the Hidden Sales Levers programme is about: a structured, step-by-step process, for gathering intel, creating hypotheses, and testing them - all while engaging in conversations with previous and prospective buyers, and generating new opportunities as you go along.

The good news? While it might sound complex, it's actually quite simple, and the upcoming HSL mini-training will take you through the steps.

Even better news?

If you see the sense in this, and you want me to help you grow by 20%, 30%, or even more, I can guide you through the process step-by-step, with an implementation plan for revenue growth.

And the best news of all?

Provided your business has the right assets and levers in place, and you do the work of talking to clients, I'll guarantee that you make your investment back in 4 months.

That investment, by the way, can be as little as $2000 per month, depending on your company size, so the question is:

If you could grow your revenue by at least 20% in four months, is that worth an investment of 8K?

Especially if you know that you will make that money back?

Oh and in case you're wondering how I can guarantee that you will:

It's because I will only implement an HSL growth programme with companies where I've carefully analysed which assets and levers are in place, so that we both know that the potential is there, and that it makes sense for you to invest.

This is why the first step of the process, is a short call where I'll ask you some questions and get a view of what you have in place, and then we'll know whether or not it makes sense to move forward and talk about implementing.

Anyway, that's all for today. Hit reply if you want to meet and analyse your sales assets and levers together.



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