👨‍🎓 How to use SalesFlow Coach

Each day, as early in the day as you can, dive into one of the following areas in your business:

Take some time to reflect: How is your business doing?

Goals on track: How is your Money Game?

Work on your sales: Any deals in the pipeline?

Why does SFC work?

The power of SalesFlow Coach is in segmenting different types of activity, and batching them.

This way, you get to be as efficient and focused as possible, and you remove one of the biggest obstacles to handling and advancing a pipeline: context switching.

So first you review a lead, then you schedule an activity, and you review another lead.

Only once you're done reviewing, do you move into the next activity block: messaging and outreach and followup.

So you batch activities by context, and that will make the entire pipeline process much easier, more fun, and more effective.

Note: while I'm still in Pilot mode, SalesFlow Coach uses the words "leads", "deals", "prospects" etc interchangeably.

I'll evolve over time, but my basic power has already been built:

Advancing deals through your pipeline.

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