👨‍🎓 How to play The Money Game

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The Money Game is a simple, playful approach to tracking the way you get to a revenue target.

But instead of tracking revenue, you track the amount of money that you put out in proposals.

The idea behind it is simple:

You have far more control over the number of proposals you make, than you have over the money people pay you.

After all, you don't control whether or not someone whips out their wallet.

But you have a ton more control over their answer, when you ask them if they want to know "how it works" and what it costs to work with you.

Doesn't matter whether it's on a Zoom call, in an email, or you're sending a formal proposal:

Each time you tell someone "This is the price of access, this is what it costs to work with me", you have issued a proposal in terms of The Money Game, and you get to add it to your Money Game dashboard.

How to play The Money Game

  • Set a revenue goal and multiply it by three
  • Your job is now to put out as much money in proposals, as fast as you can, to reach that triple
  • Each time you quote a price, you add it to the dashboard

And that's all there is to The Money Game:

Pick a number, multiply by three, and start having conversations that lead to proposals.

Clock's ticking, chop chop! 😁

❓ How is your money game...?

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