๐Ÿ“„ How to Make Selling Your Work 10 Times Easier

One simple decision can make all your lead generation and all your selling 10 times more effective, more efficient, and 10 times less costly, in one go.

Of course saying "10 times more XYZ" is a bit of hyperbole: it doesn't actually work out to 10 times, precisely - but consider this:

Most people would rather have 10 dimes instead of having $1. They try all they can to get 10 clients to pay them 10 cents each, instead of looking for one client willing to pay $1.

But if you want to land 10 clients at a low price, you're going to have to do all your marketing efforts, your lead generation, and your sales conversations 10 times over to get to your $1.

And then you have to deliver your work 10 times.

Whereas if you go and look for one client who is worth 10 times as much - i.e. a dollar-client, instead of ten dime-clients - you only have to do all of that once.

So that sounds a lot more efficient, if I'm not mistaken.

But then people say: โ€œSounds good, but it's easier to sell at a lower priceโ€.

Actually, thatโ€™s not true.

People who are looking to buy at a lower price, they are looking at cost. They are there looking to make a decision about an expense.

That is very much not the kind of buyer that you want to be dealing with, especially if you sell a product or service that delivers a big dollop of value.

Instead, you want to be dealing with people who are looking to purchase something that has a very impactful outcome.

Meaning: people who are not thinking about an expense, but who are thinking about making an investment.

People like that are much less concerned with price, and much more concerned with the value that you deliver.

So if you want to make your marketing and your selling, and your product delivery, a lot more fun and easy and lightweight:

Go for the high ticket buyers. Create messaging and positioning to signal that while the price is high, it's commensurate with the amount of value your buyer gets.

Once you do that, you'll find that you're dealing with a very different kind of buyer: they micromanage far less, and they are much more interested in what you can actually provide - the outcome, the impact of your work - then they are in the actual cost of the thing.

To get my help in creating positioning and messaging that attracts $1 clients instead of dime-clients, send me an email, and let's talk.

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