📄 How to make selling easier by looking at your buyer's perspective

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On the surface, it seems to make sense: in order for someone to enroll in your offer, you need to find out how to get that person to see what you see.

After all, once they see your vision of their ideal outcome, then they'll get on board. Right?

You just know, that if they go along with your proposal, they’ll benefit. You can see it, clear as day.

So then, the job at hand becomes ‘how to convey my vision’.

But as you’ll have experienced, that’s a damn hard thing to accomplish.

People have their objections, their fears, their reasons as to why and why not to buy in...

But if only they would see what you see... then they'd buy in!!!



You can't sell people on your vision.

Instead, you need to step into their vision - or, apply what psychologists call 'perspective-taking'.

Because when a sale happens, it happens not in your world, but in the world of the buyer.

It’s the vision that they have, that determines whether or not they’ll buy into your proposal.

And once you see their side of things, you’ll be able to ask the questions they need to hear, in order for them to get clarity, remove doubts, and dissolve fears.

That way, their vision adjusts, so that it ends up overlapping with yours.

And that’s when the sale happens.

So how do you do that - how do you create a shared vision?

Simple: use empathy. And not the kind where you empathise with their problems, and give them a shoulder to cry on.

I’m talking about the empathy that enables you to see their world, through their eyes.

It’s not your buyer's job to take your point of view, your perspective. Instead, it’s your job to take their perspective.

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