📄 How to instantly lower the cost of acquiring new clients

For every buyer who becomes a client, there's a price to pay:

Whether it's the ads you run, your content strategy, having sales conversations or putting things on a billboard:

People usually don't just show up, turn themselves into clients and give you money - you first need to spend time, and money, in order to create those clients.

And as you'll have noticed, it can take a lot of time, and a lot of money, to land new clients.

But there's a very simple razor you can use, or a lens as I like to call it, to lower that cost, instantly and dramatically.

See there's people who need your solution, but it's a someday-thing. They like what you do, they're keen, but they're just not in a rush.

Others have a now-problem and they want a now-solution. Obviously those are more likely to buy, and sooner, so it makes sense to spend your time engaging with those people, and attracting those kinds of people, with whatever means of marketing you use.

Another aspect to consider is the identity-piece: that grossly overlooked psychological component of buying solutions, related to how an individual stands to win, once they hire you.

That founder who buys your costly and comprehensive marketing programme, designed to get them to profitability in the next 6 months?

If she decides to buy that programme from you, she's doing that because at the end of 6 months, her identity - her self-view - will have been upgraded tremendously: Her investors, her children, her spouse, her employees, the other moms she hangs out with:

Everyone will admire her for her accomplishments. "You're SO smart - that decision to buy that marketing implementation was the best thing you could have done".

Yes indeed, it was - and that desire, the aspiration to upgrade herself - drives her purchase far more than numbers in a spreadsheet.

A purchase of that type, obviously, is a lot more meaningful than, say, buying a box of routers*. (Which of course isn't trivial at all, except buyers of commodities often don't get how meaningful a purchase could be, meaning you need to communicate that - see below).

Anyway: The most likely future clients are those who have an urgent need, and for whom buying from you represents something meaningful.

So if you want to optimise your efforts and investing in your business, and lower the cost of landing new clients:

Focus on those people, engage with them, market to them, and avoid spending your scarce time on anyone else.

Those who have a someday-problem either won't solve it, or they'll do so once it becomes a now-problem, in which case they'll have become a candidate to engage with.

Now, the above is a terrific reason to get yourself a Hidden Sales Levers Breakthrough Session (I do like how sonorous that reads, don't you?), because:

I've spent decades studying people, buyer-psychology, motivators, fears and aspirations, which means I can ask you very specific questions about your business and clients, and translate your answers into insights and recommendations that show you exactly who to focus on, and how to communicate with them in a way that gets them over the line.

After which, people tend to walk away feeling like this:


I'll just leave that here, along with the link where you can get yourself some of that:




* So, what if your business consists selling software, or some other technical or functional solution, or indeed: boxes of routers? Then you are even more encouraged to get a session, because what you sell might be hardware, but what your client buys might be "the final end to our multi-year network issues at the office", and helping you figure out that kind of motivator and the messaging that goes along with it, that's my wheelhouse and my happy place. And you'll be far more likely to end up in that happy place called "sold another box of routers".

Link is here.

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