👨‍🎓 How to handle your sales activities

In a nutshell: batch your time to stay focused on closing deals, effortlessly.


There are many different hats to wear, when running a business.

From admin stuff to communications, from buying goods or services to delivering what people bought from you...

It's a lot.

And that means that the more you can segment and batch activities by type, and by the kind of mental state you need to be in for each of them, the easier it becomes to juggle it all.

Where it comes to working your pipeline and advancing your deals, just consider the different kinds of mindset you need to be in for each:

Different sales activities need to happen in distinct, separated blocks

When you're triaging a list of new leads, your mindset needs to be "fast assessment".

If you're reviewing your deals, your mindset is the investigator.

Coaching sessions with clients? Time to show up and perform.

Housekeeping? It's the worker-drone mindset.

Sales call with a provider? There's your business strategist mindset.

If you skip through your days randomly, from one mindset or context to the other, you're context switching and that's the death of all clarity, drive, and productivity.

Instead, batch activities together, with the "Me, Make, Meet" framework (coming soon) as your point of origin.

Short blocks, long blocks - whatever floats your boat. Just make sure you work in blocks of attention, instead of switching from one context to another all the time.

Makes sense?

Then let's review another lead.

Or, if you're done reviewing your deals and scheduling your actions, now would be a great time to dive into your CRM or mailbox, and start engaging with your buyers.

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