📄 How to Get the Money Out of Your List

It’s shocking how often people leave money on the table, simply because they don't leverage the assets they have.

Meaning: there's money in your email list - but it's on you to make that money come to you. People aren't just going to throw it at you.

So consider the following:

If someone gives you their email address, they trust you.

And, it means that they’re interested in what you do and say.

And they give you permission, to show up in a highly private, highly curated space: their inbox.

And if someone has trust and interest and gives you permission to contact them, we're talking about a potential client.

And, all it takes for you to turn that potential client into an actual client, is a simple, short helpful message, going out consistently and frequently.

And so as you evolve and build your business, and people sign up to your list, you’re building an asset, and that asset holds value.

But if you don’t work the asset - if you don’t intentionally and deliberately stay in touch with people - that value stays right where it is.

And it’s so easy to change that!

Talk to people, send them an email daily, be helpful and personal. (Or make it weekly if you have to, but daily is so much better.)

Even if you only have a few 100 subscribers, that’s enough to generate inquiries and sales.

But what do most people do?

The mail once in a blue moon, or they only send promotional messages intended to get a sale, but with no actual value.

And that’s just wrong.

People didn’t give you permission to send promo or sell at them - they gave you permission to be meaningful and helpful in their inbox.

They’re not interested in special offers or deals - they’re interested in how you can help them.

And you can share that, just by spending 10 or 20 minutes a day writing up a short and helpful ditty, and sending it.

There’s people waiting to hear from you, and some of those people would give you money - if only you'd contact them and share your Intellectual Property with them.

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