📄 How to get a buyer to be interested in your vision?

A fine question, to be sure:

Here you are, seeing clearly how your buyer would be happy, once they sign the contract and become a client.

But they don't see it, not yet. Something is missing in their vision of the after.

And unless they see the complete picture, and it looks good to them, they won't make a decision. Which is how you end up with those annoying stuck deals.

So then how do you get them to be interested in your vision... how do you get your two views on buying to line up and overlap, so that you're both looking at the same thing?

The answer is very simple, and it's core to my LEAP framework for ethical selling:

You make it about them.


By asking them about their vision.

For a sale to happen, the buyer's vision and your vision on what 'after' looks like must overlap, share elements, have commonality.

And it does you no good to try and look interesting to your buyer, or try and get them interested in your vision.

All you achieve when you try to generate interest is creating a feeling that it's about you.

And a sale isn't about you - it's always about the buyer, their concerns, their outcome.

So it's not about you getting them interested in your vision:

Show them that you're interested in their vision.

A sale happens in the buyer's world, and they reach clarity and decision when their vision of the 'after' is right.

For the buyer to look at your vision, and incorporate your vision into theirs, ask them about their vision.

Questions like:

"What does the deal look like to you? "

"Is there anything missing?"

"How do you feel so far, about moving forward with this deal?"

"What does it feel like, the idea of working together on this?"

It's useful, but not required, to use visual words, like 'see', 'view', or 'picture', but don't limit yourself to them:

"What's your take?" is a vision-question, just as much as "What's your view on all this?"

What you're trying to do, is get them to open up about what the deal looks like to them, so far.

As a result, very naturally and gracefully, your buyer will ask you questions, enabling you to provide answers that help the buyer complete their image, fill in blanks, address concerns, remove obstacles and doubts.

So if you want you buyer to be interested in your vision, ask them about theirs, i.e., i.e. ask them about their view on the deal.

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