📄 How to Build a Frankenstrategy

So you see someone online doing awesome with their business, using really interesting and effective tactics.

Maybe they’re rocking Twitter, or Instagram, or webinars or a podcast…

And logically, you think that if you use the same tactics, you can get yourself the same kinds of results.

Makes sense, right? Do what they did, get what they got.

Except, a tactic is pointless if there’s no strategy behind it.

You can throw spaghetti at the wall as much as you want, but all you’ll create is a dirty wall.

And, the real problem is bigger:

Even if you closely observe the way the other people's tactics combine into a strategy, you’re still missing the most important point:

The thinking behind the strategy.

And even if you really get the thinking, you still won’t get far if you just copy it.

Because that thinking, and the way it works in, and for, their business, is inherently that of the other person.

And you’re not the other person.

You don’t know the connections they have, the books they’ve read, the trainings they’ve followed…

The way childhood and previous careers and untold failures have shaped them.

In short, you can maybe see what the thinking is, but you’ll have to create your own thinking, from which to build your own strategy, which you can then break down into your own tactics, executed your way.

Obviously it’s extremely useful to look at others and learn from them, and implement elements from their business operations.

Just make sure you never copy what you think is their thinking, because it’s impossible to have the full picture.

All you'll get when you blindly copy other people's tactics, is a Frankenstrategy.

If you want a business and marketing strategy that works, start with your own thinking (inspired by others as it might be), and then roll your own.

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