đŸ‘Ŧ How tight is your relationship with this person?

🔁 Workflows >> Mine Your Network for Opportunities >> What level of proximity exists between you two?

Column D ranks your affinity, proximity, or the tightness of the relationship you have with this person.

That doesn't mean we're asking if you're friends with them, but:

  • Are you on a first-name basis?

  • Have you shared drinks, personal stories or secrets?

  • Could you dial their mobile phone without causing offence?

  • Have you only contacted them through their Personal Assistant so far?

  • Have you done business before?

  • Do you have a lot of overlap in terms of mission or values?

Score 1 for "best buddies" and 5 for "they don't know I exist".

Moving on, we need to make sure they know the right people:

👌 What kind of network do they have...?

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